Company Profile

Crossbridge Company Limited is registered in Kenya and  competitively manages Communications and Social Services for institutions at a Local, National or International undertaking. We offer specialized Infrastructure Communications for both Economic and Social Development projects including Roads, Energy, Water, Health, Telecommunications and Education amongst other sectors.

The company promotes sustainable development in the continent through Communication.

Crossbridge offers practical training solutions for project management and personnel in the implementation of  winning Communication Strategies and Advocacy programs; as well as formulation and execution of the social safeguards.

We serve the Public and Private sectors, Non-governmental/ not for profit organisations, Taskforces, and Commissions amongst others that focus on mobilization and participation.

We pride ourselves as a pioneer infrastructure communication company in the African continent.

We are demystifying the unknown towards achieving acceptability and consensus in development.

~  C.E.O / Executive Director



Inspired infrastructure communication for People driven solutions.


Pioneer Infrastructure Communications for transformational impact towards sustainable development for all.


People Driven


    Our main objective is to pursue and foster understanding amongst implementers and beneficiaries of socio-economic development projects with an aim of;

  • Enhancing public participation,
  • Strengthening governance mechanisms
  • Fostering best practices
  • promoting social change.


We are building strong long term relationships across ecosystems and networks both at local and international level.